I was introduced to dōTERRA in 2013 and as I learned about the therapeutic quality of the dōTERRA Oils, I thought, ‘This is too important not to pass on to others!’  At the time, I ran my own Yoga Center and people always brought their ailments to me.  I saw this as a way to give them an added benefit to the other services offered by my center.  During my first year of using dōTERRA, I lost three close family members and I was surprised how supported I was by the Essential Oils and Supplements.  I love having solutions at my fingertips, not only for myself but for others as well.  Then I met the man of my dreams...



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Together, we've been able to help friends who were dealing with everything from serious illness to heartbreak or even just coping with life in general.  I remember Dr. Hill, dōTERRA's Chief Medical Advisor being asked, "What is the appropriate age range for the use of Essential Oils?" and his answer was "From birth to death".  We've shared the oils with new and expectant moms as well as elderly friends and always with one another! 



In 2016, on a Tuesday in June,  Randy and I went to a beach on our way home from a funeral we had attended in Maine.  This was our 3rd date.  He had stopped to buy a bathing suit, but didn't plan on appropriate footwear.  We arrived at the beach and had to walk across about 300 yards of hot tar. Then we walked across the sand for about another 100 yards.  His bare feet ended up with deep purple blisters the size of a quarter!  When he showed them to me, I immediately pulled out my dōTERRA keychain with the oils in it and put Lavender and Melaleuca on his feet.  We continued to apply the oils over the next few days and by Friday, they were fine.  The blisters didn't burst, they just went away and he was able to go golfing for the weekend with his buddies.  He was so impressed, that he set up his own dōTERRA Account.  12 Days later after watching me give AromaTouch Hand Treatments at a dōTERRA Event, he proposed to me.  We were married a year later and he is now my partner in our dōTERRA business as well as my partner in life.