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   Host an Informational Online Class for your Friends! 

Choose the topic they would be most interested in and Invite them!  You will receive a Keychain and a sample Oil for each student who attends (up to 8 samples).

Choose Recovery with Our Support

Essential Oils can in aid our recovery… from unhealthy relationships to food, dieting, alcohol, drugs, prescription drugs, abusive people, relationships, unhealthy sexual choices and habits; self-harming, overworking, multi-tasking, hiding, lying, electronic diversions, or social media.

Immune Support

If Immune Support is important to you, this is the class to attend to learn how to support yourself and your loved ones naturally.

Essential Oils Made Easy

Join us to learn the basics of Essential Oils!  Whether you're a seasoned user in need of a refresher or just intrigued by this "essential oil thing" everyone is raving about, this class is for you! 

Toxin-Free Cleaning & Personal Care

Most of us have no idea how many toxins we are bringing into our home every day through our traditional cleaning products and personal care products. Learn how easy it is to replace these with natural, effective and affordable solutions! 

Essential Science

You and your family deserve only the most pure, potent, and effective oils on earth.  Learn about the Science behind dōTERRA Essential Oils and how to create amazing blends!

Essential Body & Spa

Learn Essential ways to pamper your body from head to toe and create a Home Spa experience using Essential Oils and products!

Healthy Body Support

Learn how to support your whole body, achieving and maintaining a Healthy Weight, Metabolism and Outlook on Life!

Emotional Balance in Difficult Times

It's so important to stay healthy emotionally!  Join us to learn ways to support your emotional health and the emotional health of your loved ones.

doTERRA Gift of the Earth for Animals

Learn how to safely use Essential Oils to the best benefit of your Pets!  

Foundational Healing

Phil Jones, Organic Farmer and Health Coach teaches us about the Signature of a Plant/Essential Oil and what that means for our Physical and Emotional healing.

Happy & Healthy Kids

Come learn about supporting your children to being Happy Healthy Children with an overview of how our doTERRA Kids Kit and OnGuard Products can help!

Natural Solutions for Healthy Living

Learn how to become your own personal Natural
Solutions Expert in your home and how the Essential Oils and Supplements can serve you in your everyday!

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