A Blog from dōTERRA on Facing Failure

There is something that seems programmed into us from the time that we are small: we cannot fail. The shame of failing at anything seems to have been built up in our minds as a kind of unpardonable sin. Yet, failing is actually a big part of many entrepreneurs’ journeys. So, how do you overcome your limiting beliefs and keep trying? It may be easier than you think.

Before you start with any project including your doTERRA® business, you must let go of the idea of perfection. If you have never tried to run your own business before, it is expected that you have a learning curve to overcome. It would be nearly impossible to figure everything out in the beginning. You have to start where you are, or you’ll never start at all.

Once your idea of perfection is under control, stop allowing the views of others to define how you think. Contrary to the ideas of kids playing at recess who label each other as “losers,” failure is not a personality trait. Failure is an external event that happens, and you get to choose where you go from there. When you label yourself as a “failure” you are involving too much of your ego and self-worth in what happens to you. We think that if we are successful, it must be because we are brilliant and if we fail it must be because we can’t win at anything. But, thinking this way only keeps you from truly analyzing the facts of the event.

Be honest about the situation as you ask yourself:

How prepared was I? What was my approach? What did I have the power to change, and what did I not? What else could I have done to fix the situation?