I absolutely love this blend. It's wonderful for Mental and Emotional Health Support, but I've discovered something new.

This morning I moved wrong and my neck locked up bad. I mean it really hurt and I could barely move. I had the Adaptiv Touch on my bedside table, so I rolled it on my neck. Then I just went about my very busy day and it wasn't until the end of the Adaptiv Presentation tonight that I remembered about my neck. The pain had just simply gone away.

New! Adaptiv Enrollment Kit

When you enroll with this kit, you can enjoy all the products in the Adaptiv System, plus an entire year of Premium Access to the doTERRA Adaptiv App.




Annual Premium App Subscription + Adaptiv Trio + doTERRA Membership

PV: 120.00

Retail: $200.00

Wholesale: $150.00

I use all 3 plus the Adaptiv Meditation App. It has a journaling feature and BioFeedback by your voice. There is something for every budget in our Adaptiv Line - from $20 Wholesale or $26.67 Retail for the Adaptiv Touch Roll-on to the whole Kit and kaboodle! Check it out on our Website: