Patience is over-rated!

Patience is overrated. Think about it. Patience says I am willing to wait until things get better or easier. I am willing to tolerate a bad situation. I am powerless.

Being committed says I am willing to take action ~

I am willing and committed to bringing the best of myself to the situation.

If our children are misbehaving or not responding in the way we would like, when our parents or friends are judging us or not responding the way we want, when our spouses don’t support our ideas, when our Team has lost their spirit...

We need to ask ourselves... Am I Kind, Gentle, Loving, Dedicated, Committed, Supportive, Accepting?

What is it we want from others? What are our expectations? Good behavior, dedication, understanding? If we are honest with ourselves, isn’t it ourselves that we want something more or better from? What did we (do we) want from our mothers... our children... our spouses... our friends... our team? Are we bringing to them the joy and happiness, compassion, passion, dedication and commitment that we want from them?

Be what you want to experience and you will find what you want showing up for you!

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