My Qualifications as a Speaker

I am a woman who has lived life to the fullest, experiencing the pain and the joy of everyday.  Along the way, I have found wisdom, gratitude, forgiveness and courage and tools for discovering and developing those attributes.  My greatest aspiration is to make a difference in the world through helping others on their Personal Journey through sharing my own.



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My Goal as a Speaker:

My goal for Speaking is to share my experiences and personal journey with others to help them work through the difficult times of life and to inspire them to live more fully... to dream, believe and inspire others. 



I am a Master Yogi, an Entrepreneur, Essential Oil Educator, Wellness Advocate, & Personal Journey Coach.  I am Certified in many forms of Yoga, Thai Bodywork, AromaDance Instruction and the AromaTouch Technique.  I am also a Reiki Master.  I developed and taught my own Yoga Teacher Certification for several years, training and mentoring over 100 Yoga Instructors.  


My Mission Statement is "He who brings Peace to One Person, brings Peace to the World."  

I have taught and trained others in Private (Client-based) Yoga, Yoga as a Business, and Opening your own Studio.   I was a  Mentor for Yoga Instructor Trainees and young women in business, and led an Essential Journey of Faith Group.  I currently mentor Essential Oil Business Entrepreneurs, creating systems for success and Essential Oil Presentations.

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