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☐ Complete the items on the Customer Support page

☐ Set up a Business Overview/Build Guide with the person who enrolled you

☐ If you have not enrolled as or upgraded to Wellness Advocate, you will need to do that on doterra.com (Be sure to let your Enroller know when you do this as they may want to place you under a Sponsor on their team)

☐ Set your LRP Order up for at least 100 PV for next month so you will be eligible for Commissions before enrolling anyone or giving out your Personal dōTERRA

 website, where people can enroll or order

☐ Request to Join or Like: EO Movement Biz Group, Essential R&R Events & Information and Essential R&R Team

Register for Oil Games Free Business Training

dailymentorcalls.com with Allyse Sedivy (Free Mentoring)

☐ Go to: EssentialRandR.com Website

☐ Attend and invite people to Online Events of your choice

☐ Regularly communicate with your Enroller and/or us to build the relationship and receive Mentoring

☐ If you would like, we can help you set up Facebook Page for your Customers

☐ For further Education we have: Essential Oil Specialist Certification Course and Discover Solutions.  Hover on Discover for Product Education.

☐ Log in to doterra.com to check out Our Story, Discover, and Resource pages

☐ Let us know what you need from us, share your joys and challenges!