Quality Matters in an Unregulated Industry -

The Statistics Are Alarming

A recent study done by the Aromatic Plant Research Center (APRC), the leading state-of-the-art essential oil research and testing facility, found that of the 50 essential oil companies tested, only three produced oils that were not adulterated. Previous research by the APRC confirms that approximately 80% of essential oils on the market today are adulterated and/or contaminated in some way.


continued... In the test of 50 essential oil companies, of the three whose oils were not adulterated, one was dōTERRA, another was a small boutique company with pricing significantly higher than dōTERRA, and the third was another boutique company on the verge of bankruptcy. Due to confidentiality agreements, the names of the other two companies cannot be released. What was alarming was that another leading essential oil company tested to be more than 50% adulterated...and other legitimate, social media focused companies were 100% adulterated.  

The most common way essential oils are adulterated is by adding individual chemicals to the oil. These can be synthetically produced to mimic the original plant’s constituents and scent. Adding a carrier oil, such as cooking oil, is another way some companies extend their products to increase profit. When these are labelled as “pure essential oils” this misleads the consumer. Another way oils are typically adulterated is by adding similar smelling oils or isolates to an essential oil to extend it with cheaper materials.

Contamination is another matter. Yeast, mold, E-coli, pesticides and bacteria can be introduced at any stage of the process from harvesting and distillation, to filling and sealing the finished product into bottles. Quality Assurance measures must be rigorously adhered to in order to prevent contamination. dōTERRA tests every oil at multiple stages to ensure oils are not only free of contaminants, but also to ensure they have the therapeutic value that is expected. Their own standard CPTG (Certified Pure, Therapeutic Grade) ensures that every oil meets these standards or it will not be sold.